About Us

Jiro stands for Zero . ”Jiro” means Zero in Gujarati.

JIRO is a sustainable packaging company creating a world without plastic pollution. By scaling circular solutions, and igniting collaborative movements; we can re-think & replace single-use plastic.   We provide global distributors, and small local businesses with a wide range of plastic-free products such as  Bags,Cutlery and Packaging.   We believe collaboration is the key to create a plastic-free world, and so, we are also actively engaging with individuals, companies, governments, schools, and our community; to ignite a collaborative movement to rethink & raise awareness around single-use plastic.

Our Team


Kushal Shah

Kushal is founder of Jiro International, a startup that helps organizations provide sustainable packaging for their products.

For over 3 years, Kushal has worked with clients across India and abroad to develop unique solutions for their packaging needs.

Strong sales professional with a Master of Business Administration – MBA focused in Marketing & Operations from Karnavati University.

Jiro wants to be a one stop solution in providing plastic-free items.

Where we ensure that our products are made of natural materials, processed sustainably, and decomposed naturally.

Where we involve our partners, customers, governments, and other stakeholders, to work together in promoting sustainable lifestyle.

Please share your Inquiries at – kushal@jiro.co.in or +91 886633 2974 or kushal.sustainability@gmail.com